Tue. Aug 11th, 2020

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5G Technology

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What is 5G?

5G logo5G is a fifth generation data and cellular network technology. 5g has 100 times better capacity than 4G. But it is not just the internet capacity that will be upgraded, the response time will also be much faster. 5G response time is 400 times faster than 4G.

Whereas the 4G tops the theoretical 100 Mbps, 5G tops at 10 Gbps. This means that 5G technology is 100 times faster than current 4G technology.

We really need 5G technology because 4G technology cannot handle so much internet traffic over time, the number of mobile data users has increased, due to which the network speed is reduced and 5G technology is the solution.


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3 thoughts on “5G Technology

    1. Yes brother, you are right that 4G does not work properly, but why does not work correctly because the population of 4G users has increased so much that the speed of 4G is divided and the speed is very low, So we need 5G so that the right speed and connectivity is available to every single user.
      And another reason is that the 4G towers are located far away and in a very residential area, the range of their towers is very low, which reduces the speed.

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